Signal Hill, Ca. which is situated on a hill in the greater LA area and is an enclave completely surrounded by the city of Long Beach, 562. From that enclave comes the re-emergence of Shave!

Shave ripped it up in the Bong Leach collective and beyond in the 2000’s with their local classic albums Jesus Shaves and Trans Universal Worldwide. A review by Mark Hamilton said, Shave, from Trans Universal Worldwide’s review Long Beach, CA’s rock act Shave drives a rock machine with brash vocals, jangly guitars and pounding rhythms. You have a retro vibe ala more aggressive Bowie, jolted with an electric punkiness nodding towards Social D. The band’s latest album, High Alert, blends that same energy and high intensity from the earlier albums with a whole album of instant classics. Produced by Antoine Arvizu (also drums) and Dave Shea (guitar). Elder D (bass) handling the music direction, Dave Cornblum (singer) throwing down words and music ideas and Deyo Glines (art) with the art creation and direction to make this happen! The album was recorded & Mixed at The Compound Studio by Antoine Arvizu and mastered by Matt Lynch With standout tracks like “Make Time Fly,” Shave will soon be dominating radio airwaves far and wide, Shave is an essential addition to any music lover’s library in 2018 and can be reached for premium event booking.

Shave is: Dave Cornblum – vocals | Elder D. – bass, piano, guitar | Dave Shea – guitar